Talent strategy
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Inov polyurethane always regard talent as a business enterprise development of this,in this competition, the development of the. The company with excellent talent of its unique talent recruitment strategy, career development space, open environment for the growth, effective incentive mechanism and the concept of corporate culture, make the enterprise become talent agglomeration heights. One is to create a platform fortalent and development space --- good to do business to keep people; two is to implement all kinds of DC distribution policy - do the treatment to keep people in business scope; three is to create a good cultural atmosphere, continuously strengthen internal affinity, cohesion --- done cultural retention. This "three person" is the core of enterprise human resources management work location. A selection, use the talent, insist on fairness, justice, openness, establish a scientific human resourcesmanagement system, so that each one has the ability, enterprising people are their ability to play in the construction of inov career ambition, self realization.

Serious and responsible and effective management of staff are inov greatest wealth.Respect knowledge, respect for individuality, the collective struggle is the intrinsic request of our sustainable development.

Inov polyurethane stressed the responsibility for the results of value orientation, and tries to establish a mechanism of self motivation, self management, self - restraint.And to provide professional management and technical dual occupation development channel for employees.