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The first batch of imported T-100 storage, open up a new era of import and export trade
date : 2014-04-22    Views:

    In May 26th, the first by my company to open his own credit import container smoothly arrive our company! This time, this batch of T-100 imported from Europe for 20 tons,according to the current market price, the product profitable. The single business from the signing of the contract to the goods need to be nearly two months to Hong Kong, in the full balance of market risk, severely test business don't know will do next, operating the Department of counseling learning efforts in many ways, the successful completion of the imported cargo operations, business development for the import and exporttrade in the first step, also laid the foundation for the later and solid businessconfidence.

Import and export trade is an important business of my company for 09 years. From the import and export trade business license, customs registration, inspection record and a series of materials to collate reserve, letter of credit and other payment methods andvarious document recognition and understanding, we import the raw material from thevarious links in the continuous improvement of our data, for the record, and deepening of learning related knowledge of import and export trade, paving the way for imports at the same time also ready for export trade.